March 20, 2018 04:00 PM

Updated 2 hours 10 minutes ago

Walk a mile in their shoes should be taken by Tribune staff and the general public regarding law enforcement.

Mental health care is difficult even for trained experts, and should not be forced upon law enforcement. Sheriff Parkinson outlined the process in dealing with Mr. Holland. He was off his meds and would not take them voluntarily, and the Sheriff’s Office did not have authority to force them on him.

Mental health authority was asked to take Mr. Holland and would not. In 30 years if his family and numerous mental health experts could not keep him on a level balance, how should law enforcement staff be required to?

Yes, they will be required to make changes to possibly better deal with future challenges. The family should donate every dollar to mental health programs, and not just to a challenger to Mr. Parkinson in the next election.

I would suggest that future violent people be taken to the Fire Department instead of the Sheriff’s Office. Everyone loves a fireman and they have a much nicer facility.

Bill Headrick, San Luis Obispo