August, 2015 | Republican Party Central Committee Resolution


WHEREAS, the California Republican Party is the party that protects innocent life because we believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death; and

WHEREAS, the California Republican Party supports laws that protect unborn children from partial birth, sex selection and tax-payer funded abortions, and abortions performed as a form of birth control or on minor girls without their parents notification and consent; and

WHEREAS, science now proves that human life begins at conception; all that a person will be is there at conception; nothing changes or is added; and

WHEREAS, it has been revealed that Planned Parenthood has systematically engaged in unethical and possibly illegal sale of fetal tissue and body parts; and

WHEREAS, the selling of fetal organs and tissue for profit is illegal federal law; abortionists and medical researchers should be stopped in the trafficking of organs and tissue obtained from abortion; and

WHEREAS, the federal government provided an estimated $4.3 billion over the past ten years to Planned Parenthood and although it has been argued that Planned Parenthood uses the public funds for other medical procedures and the private funds for abortions, however, the money is fungible; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County, on behalf of its members, strongly urges the Congress of the United States to call for investigations into the full extent of Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts, and to continue its efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.