Allison Olson, CFRW Advocate
The State of the State 
This week Governor Newsom gave his first State of the State. In it he highlighted his plan for addressing what he thinks has been ailing California. The Delta Tunnels, High Speed Rail, and the aging California population were among Governor Newsom’s top priorities. Governor Newsom is scaling back both the Delta twin tunnels as well as High Speed Rail projects. Beginning with the Delta tunnels, Governor Newsom wants to continue with the controversial water project, but is down sizing the project to a single tunnel. Continuing with water plans, Governor Newsom doubled down with his water tax on drinking water. Governor Newsom also rebuked the High Speed Rail project, stating it would “cost too much and take too long” in it’s current state. Instead, he proposed completing the line from Merced to Bakersfield. If the project were to continue, as originally planned, it is estimated to now cost $77 billion to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Remember, when voters passed the original Prop 1A, the project cost $10 billion. Governor Newsom stressed the project is not completely dead, but that it is going to be looked at differently as to not waste the billions already spent on the project. The Governor also wants to focus on aging and Alzheimer’s prevention, appointing former first Lady Maria Shriver as head of a task force for this purpose. Finally, Governor Newsom couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a swipe at President Trump, claiming the border wall is a “manufactured crisis”. And in his 45 minute assessment of the state, not once did he use the words “small business”. In the Governor Newsom’s first two months in office, he has made it his priority to challenge President Trump and propose new taxes. With budget season approaching, and the Governor’s agenda set, the main question Californians should be asking is, “How can we afford it?”
Suing the President 

Within an hour of President Trump declaring a national emergency at the southern border, Governor Newsom announced California’s plans to sue the President over the use of executive powers. This will be the 46th time that California has legally challenged the President’s policies. Whether or not the President’s national emergency will be struck down in the courts will take some time. It is likely that California will join with other states in their suit against the President. But how does suing the President help the current crises California is facing? Housing? Homelessness? Governor Newsom called President Trump’s border concerns a “vanity project”. Perhaps Governor Newsom should look in the same vanity’s mirror. Removing National Guard from the border and challenging to sue the President are playing the same game. Californians need jobs, affordable housing, and public safety. Let’s get our Governor to put Californians first.