The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County Strongly Supports Retaining California’s Capital Punishment

WHEREAS in 2016, California rejected a ballot measure to abolish capital punishment by nearly 1 million votes, and it followed a similar 2012 ballot measure that failed by 500,000 votes;

WHEREAS Governor Gavin Newsom and some Sacramento lawmakers are working around the will of the voters, and are now pushing for yet another ballot measure to repeal capital punishment;

WHEREAS the voters have already spoken twice in the last decade and overwhelmingly believe that criminals who commit the most heinous crimes should face the ultimate punishment;

WHEREAS since 2016 California’s death row is home to criminals who killed more than 1,000 innocent people including 226 children, 43 peace officers and 294 victims who were raped or tortured before they were killed;

WHEREAS after promising voters in 2018 that although he personally opposed the death penalty, he would abide by the law, Gavin Newsom announced a unilateral moratorium on allowing executions of death row inmates whose legal appeals had been exhausted, in flagrant defiance of state law and the voter’s approval in 2016 of Propositions 66’s reforms intended to speed the death penalty process;

WHEREAS victims and their loved ones want justice and deserve the closure they are promised when a murderer is sent to death row; therefore
be it

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County strongly supports retaining California’s capital punishment.

Adopted June 19, 2019