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From: Carl DeMaio <demaio@reformcalifornia.org
Sent: Thu, Jan 4, 2018 2:18 pm
Subject: Can you do more for Jan 10?

I just got the tally back for the signature drive on the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative. At the moment, we have roughly 360k signatures in – a record pace for a statewide initiative!
But we still need to get to 584k before we can force a gas tax repeal vote for the November 2018 ballot – and we are less than a week away from our January 10 deadline to get volunteers to submit their signatures.
Can you add any voter signatures to our tally? I’m sending you the links again so you can get the forms:
Please ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members to sign! If everyone got just two more signatures each, we’ll be done with the petition drive – and the gas and car tax hikes will be stopped in California!
Do what you can!
Carl DeMaio
Reform California – Gas Tax Repeal Initiative
PS: For every $35 we receive, we can collect 10 additional signatures. If you can’t collect signatures because of time or other constraints, please help fund our paid efforts by contributing online through this secure contribution link