Every year the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo looks forward to the opportunity we have to speak with voters at the Mid-State Fair. There are few opportunities quite like the Fair that allow us to talk directly to individuals from all over the Central Coast and California, and, as a result, our presence at the fair has become a tradition.

This year’s booth marks a new era in that tradition as we reveal RPSLO’s completely redesigned booth. Atascadero’s Paul Bareis has designed and built this year’s booth as both a contemporary presentation of the Republican Party’s Candidates and as an homage to the patriotic, traditional values that the Republican Party is founded on. So far, all your feedback on the new design has been overwhelmingly positive. We have registered an unprecedented number of new Republicans and collected an unprecedented amount of donations all while engaging hardworking Americans in productive discussion.

We want to thank the entire San Luis Obispo Republican community that has come together to make this year at the fair a success. The Republican Party is out in full force and it has all been made possible by the volunteers that have so graciously offered their time to talk to the voters about the issues facing this country. All of us here at the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo could not be more pleased with the success of the booth, and hope to see all of you at the Fair!