WHEREAS in November, 2008, Californians voted for Proposition 1A, the High-Speed Rail Act that promised an efficient, new mode of transportation;

WHEREAS now a decade later, the High Speed Rail Project is nowhere near completion with a budget that has more than doubled;

WHEREAS the reality of the High-Speed Rail doesn’t match what California taxpayers voted for and which has failed them;

WHEREAS a November 2018 state audit blamed the over budget and delayed project on flawed decision-making. organizational faults and poor contract  management; WHEREAS the promises of modern electric high-speed trains from Los Angeles to San Francisco at an estimated cost of $34 billion and completed by 2020 has not materialized;

WHEREAS the reality is old school diesel trains from Bakersfield to Merced at an approximate cost of $80 billion with the Central Valley portion projected to be completed by 2028; WHEREAS California taxpayers deserve better then a high-speed train wreck; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County strongly  supports the State of California putting the brakes on the High-Speed Rail Project better known as the Bullet Train.   

Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County

Adopted August 21, 2019