September 23, 2012 | John Allan Peschong

Mitt Romney’s life and family represent what most people would consider the American dream. Yet despite his well-known successes in business and politics, many people still question what Mitt Romney stands for.

Mitt Romney’s experience as a chief executive in the business world and former governor of Massachusetts uniquely qualify him to take on the serious problems facing our nation today. Mitt Romney knows firsthand what creates jobs and what hinders business.

Mitt’s personal work ethic is impeccable. He has quickly risen through the ranks everywhere he has gone. After earning a law degree and a master’s degree from Harvard, he became enormously successful in business — leading companies to prosperity and turning around troubled ones. He saved the 2002 Winter Olympics, which were in disarray before he took over. Following the Olympics, he successfully ran for governor of Massachusetts.

Jane Edmonds, a selfprofessed liberal Democrat whom Mitt appointed to his Cabinet, has spoken enthusiastically about Mitt’s unselfish leadership. She stated that he didn’t care what political party people were from as long as they were efficient managers and good people. She also noted how dramatically Mitt improved the representation of women in senior roles in Massachusetts’ government.

Despite his incredible ambition and work ethic, Mitt Romney is a family man first. His love for his wife, Ann, began while they were in their teens and they have stood by each other since 1969. In 1998, Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Mitt said that hearing the news was the most difficult thing he had heard in his life. Later, Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she credits her husband’s care and devotion with helping her fight through.

Mitt has quietly helped those in need all his life. At the Republican National Convention, which I attended, Ted and Pat Oparowski spoke emotionally about how Mitt regularly visited their terminally ill son and became a good, supportive friend to the young man; he even asked Mitt to deliver his eulogy.

Overall, Mitt Romney is a man of compassion and integrity; he has great intelligence and a deep love for America. He firmly believes that the strength of America comes from empowering its citizens to succeed. He has stated that government should not be the sole provider for the people; government should help individuals create their own success and live the American dream.

His plan for a stronger America is based on the power and ingenuity of American individuals, not the size and spending of the federal government. It includes restoring the strength of our economy though free-market principles, improving education to create a highly skilled workforce, becoming energy independent to avoid buying oil from hostile nations, respecting the Constitution and civil liberties, defending human rights both here and abroad and creating a strong foreign policy that enforces a fair marketplace for American goods while protecting America and our allies from aggressors.

At a time when many Americans are feeling doubtful or hopeless about their future, we need a president who believes in America — one who promotes hard work and selfreliance, not government dependence.

At a time when many Americans are questioning America’s role in the world, we need a president who recognizes our place in the world as not just a symbol of freedom and hope, but as the world leader in protecting those ideals from tyranny.

Mitt Romney wants to restore America through sound economic policy and strong foreign policy. In looking at his personal life, illustrious career and impressive résumé, one thing is certain — no one has ever regretted hiring Mitt Romney to do a job.