The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County

Strongly Opposes H.R. 1  The People Act of 2021


WHEREAS H.R. 1, The People Act of 2021, is the Democrat’s frontal assault on free and fair elections, and takes all the worst features of California elections and nationalizes them;

WHEREAS H.R. 1 went directly from printing to the House floor of Congress for a vote with no other

committee review except for the Rules Committee, and was not sent to any other committees, leaving no

chance for any review or amendments;

WHEREAS this 791 page bill already passed the House and will go before the Senate that undermines

the integrity of out elections;

WHEREAS it removes all constitutional powers from every state legislature to determine how they run their

own elections;

WHEREAS it eliminates each state’s rights to regulate voter registration;

WHEREAS it forces the implementation of early voting;

WHEREAS it calls for automatic voter registration for all “people” (there are no “citizenship”


WHEREAS it allows same-day voting registration with no I.D. required;

WHEREAS it promotes online registration and no-fault absentee balloting;

WHEREAS it calls for 30 days of voting and would mandate acceptance of ballot up to 3 days after the

election without requiring proof of when those ballots were cast;

WHEREAS voter I.D. requirements, which 35 states have now, would be banned;

WHEREAS states will lose most of their ability to clean up voter rolls, and in fact, it would make it a

criminal offense for a state official to reject a voter registration even under “color of law” when that

official has reason to believe the registration should be rejected;

WHEREAS H.R. 1 forces states to allow 16 and 17-year olds to register to vote, but does not provide

any way for states to keep underage people from voting;

WHEREAS it requires each state to allow felons to vote even before they have completed their parole

or restitution terms;

WHEREAS ballot harvesting will be allowed in every state, regardless of what the state legislature says;

WHEREAS implement taxpayer-funded federal campaign donations-the government will use taxpayers

dollars to match at $6.00 for every $1.00 donated;

WHEREAS H.R. 1 will reduce the number of Federal Election Commission members from its current 6

(3 Republicans and 3 Democrats) to 5, allowing the party in power to control election authority;

WHEREAS it takes away a state legislature’s authority to draw congressional districts and gives it to an

“independent” commission who would be unaccountable to voters;

WHEREAS it would mandate the inclusion of all aliens regardless of citizenship status in all redistricting


WHEREAS it would empower the IRS to consider and investigate the political and policy positions of

nonprofit organizations before granting tax-exempt status;

WHEREAS it would prohibit any lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of H.R. 1 and would severely

limit the legal representation and due process rights of challengers; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County strongly opposes H.R. 1, The People

Act of 2021 and urges Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla to vote NO.

Adopted by Republican Party Executive Board March 3, 2021