September, 2015 | Republican Party Central Committee Resolution


WHEREAS, Oil is a vital natural resource upon which 30 million Californians depend for transportation, electrical generation and sustainment of the California economy; and

WHEREAS, Current energy policy in the State of California under the leadership of Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrat Party is artificially increasing the price of energy to working families, businesses of every size, harming the economy of California and increasing the ratio of “energy poverty” among working families and the most economically vulnerable population of the State; and

WHEREAS, Phillips 66 Petroleum Company is seeking to expand its storage capacity and capability to refine crude oil by importation of additional supplies of crude oil via existing rail lines by construction of additional rail off-loading facilities at its Nipomo facility; and

WHEREAS, Opponents to the Phillips 66 project are engaging in a false, misleading campaign designed to promote fear among the general public; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the SLO County Republican Central Committee rejects the use of “scare tactics” engaged by the Democrat Party and opponents of the Phillips 66 project and fully supports the expansion of the Phillips 66 Nipomo refinery to accommodate additional rail oil tank cars to keep the Nipomo refinery operating efficiently while protecting jobs and benefiting the economy of SLO County.