September 14, 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election – SLO County Info

Candidate Information


There seems to be a lot of misinformation about the Newsom Recall.

Below will clarify a few things.

1) Recall is set for 9/14/21. Every registered voter in CA will receive a ballot starting mid August or in about one month. They will have polling places open as well but the details are not readily available yet.

2) The ballot is a TWO PART ballot. Question #1 is YES or NO on the RECALL. Question #2 is which candidate do you choose. If Question #1 is YES at a 50%+1, Newsom is recalled and he has to leave office in 7 to 10 business days. Question #2 only applies if Question #1 is a YES. If YES, the person with the most votes in Question #2 is our next Governor.

3) VERY IMPORTANT: Newsom is not on Question #2 of the ballot. This means NO candidate is running against Newsom.

4) As of today, there is no prominent Democrat on Question #2. This means that if Newsom is recalled by Question #1, the likely victor and our next Governor is a Republican!

5) When Gray Davis was recalled in 2003, there were 135 candidates on Question #2. Arnold Schwarzenegger won with 48.6% of the votes in Question #2 followed by Prominent Democrat Cruz Bustamante with 31.5% of the votes. AGAIN, in this year’s recall, there is NO prominent Democrat running. The Democrats have all their eggs in one basket with Newsom.

6) STOP worrying about splitting Republicans votes.

7) The FOCUS is Question #1 — THE RECALL. If we can get a YES, our next Governor will be Republican.

We need the assembly to flip, as it stands now 59 Democrats vs 19 Republicans.  The state senate has 30 Democrats vs 9 Republicans.  Any republican governor with those numbers in the assembly is not going to be able to turn California around like it needs to be. ADDING Kevin Kiley is a plus for California