We have the petitions and signing is occurring between noon – 5pm Monday through Friday. Please stop by the Atascadero Republican Party HeadQuarters at 7357 El Camino Real. And you can also download your own petition at this website. There are other petitions popping up but this is the ONLY one we are supporting in San Luis Obispo County Republican Party.

If you sign other petitions they do not add together to achieve the needed 1.5 million approved signatures. We encourage only this petition be used.

If you get any signed bring them to our Atascadero Office and we will get them submitted for you. The download is free and if you desire you can also donate to the organization that put this out there.

Our Atascadero Office has access to the authorized person that will make sure these petitions get submitted and counted.

Thank you all for getting the word out.

CLICK ON PHOTO FOR PETITION and further information.

Then scroll down to see the video with instructions on how to fill out the petition CORRECTLY or it can be rejected!