The real issue in North Carolina’s fight with the Federal Government over transgender rights is not really about bathrooms which for the most part, provide a modicum of privacy for women in individual stalls. The real battle is in school gym locker rooms and showers. There have been cases in Washington State and Virginia where Title IX is being used to demand equal rights for self-identified transgender students under threat of lawsuits and loss of federal education funding. There have also been several cases recently where teenage boys, once admitted to girls shower facilities in schools have been observed using camera-equipped cell phones while young women are disrobed. It is only a matter of time until a case arises where a young man uses his cell phone camera to clandestinely photograph young girls in various states of being disrobed and coercing sexual favors under threat of posting clandestine photos on the internet or worse. The psychological damage to young girls who are naturally self-conscious about their bodies at this stage of life will likely be traumatic. Their rights to privacy, which the Supreme Court established under the Roe versus Wade decision on abortion, is being shattered by the sexual extremist agenda to radically transform sexual norms in American culture. Furthermore, no psychiatric documentation is required other than the assertion by a student that they are transgender and wish to use the facilities for the whatever gender they select. The bottom line is if you think it’s acceptable for your pre-teen or teenage daughter to share gym locker room showers with a naked teenage boy(s) then you should have no objection to the radical left’s demand that self-identified transgender males be allowed to use the girl’s locker room. The idea that there are no gender differences has its roots in 19th century political science originating in Germany and adopted by American Progressives in the late 1800’s, a system that uses technocratic experts to govern society. It’s a cornerstone of the fascist state that eventually evolved into Nazism which had formal programs that encouraged unmarried young women to surrender their bodies to Nazi SS men for sex to help produce the master race. Robert Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” used this theme with its integration of young women into the “mobile infantry” where young men and women not only served together under arms but also lived and showered together, had casual sex together et al. What is shocking to us now will be commonplace among our children in 20 years as they are indoctrinated into accepting all of these themes and sexual mores as normal with those objecting on any moral grounds being deemed subversive to the State. We’ve already begun to observe penalties towards those who object, form the federal government’s threat to withhold federal money from North Carolina schools, roads etc, corporations withdrawing investments to individual penalties such as a woman complaining about a male in the women’s locker room of her local health club being told her membership was cancelled and she was barred from the premises. It’s already happening and the federal courts are once again mandating fundamental changes to American society without the consent of the people. That’s called tyranny and those so engaged are little more than “black-robed tyrants.”

By Al Fonzi, RPSLO Chairman