The death of Justice Scalia provides an enormous opening for the democrats to realize their dream of amending the constitution to allow restrictions on the First Amendment and Second Amendments, placing limits of freedom of speech, especially political speech, freedom of religion (you can believe what you want, but only in the privacy of your home) and consolidating federal power in an all-powerful executive branch. If Obama is permitted to select a Supreme Court Justice during his last year of office he will change the philosophical orientation of the court for a generation; Republicans might as well stay home this year as an Obama appointee will solidify the leftward tilt of the courts for the remainder of our lifetime. Some may think such concerns are overblown but 48 U.S. Senators (all democrats) voted a year ago for a constitutional amendment that would allow restrictions on political speech under the guise of campaign finance reforms. Such “reforms” always serve to protect the incumbents at the expense of potential challengers, a fact the media always conveniently ignores. We are rapidly moving to a form of government more resembling an oligarchy than a republic and a liberal justice being appointed will only accelerate this trend. The constitutional gains made to permit Americans to exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear arms will be dramatically and permanently reversed with executive orders banning some or all access to firearms by private citizens, enshrined by federal courts and enforced by executive tyranny. The ability to publicly express religious views or worship, to criticize candidates or institutions will be severely curbed as it is in many third world and European countries. Freedom of political and religious speech will become a distant memory, talk radio and conservative publications and organizations will be destroyed; all debate on controversial social issues will be decided by executive and judicial fiat; America as we know it will be no more. That is why conservatives and libertarians of every persuasion must unite together to oppose any selection by Obama to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by Justice Scalia’s untimely death. No president in American history has ever displayed as much contempt for the Constitution, the Congress, the doctrine of separation of powers and the Will of the American People as has President Barrack Obama. We as a people must support U.S. Senators determined to block any nominee of Obama for the Supreme Court for the remainder of his term of office lest the nightmare described above becomes a reality. If Obama is permitted to place another nominee on the court we will have nobody but ourselves to blame for the permanent loss of liberty that is certain to occur should we so willingly surrender our rights.

By Al Fonzi, RPSLO Chairma