“Dictator”: absolute authority & supreme jurisdiction over the government (Webster’s Dictionary).

Over 24 times, Obama has decreed or ignored laws and the Constitutional powers of Congress.

1. Chrysler & GM bailouts; Ignored Constitutional contract law blocking rights of creditors
2. BP Oil Spill; Justice Department criminal threat establishes extra legal fund for claims
3. Dream act; Congress rejects it, executive order no more deporting of aliens
4. Congress Medical Marijuana law; executive order not to enforce
5. Congress Defense of Marriage Act; executive order not to defend it in court
6. Congress No Child Left Behind Act; executive order ignore selected provisions
7. Cap and Trade Act; Congress rejects, EPA contorts Clean Air Act to cap emissions
8. Card Check Act; Congress rejects, NLRB stacked to force quickie pro-union elections
9. Internet Neutrality Act: Congress rejects, FCC uses new rules to enforce it
10. NLRB Appointments; Congress rejects, “Recess” appointment used when no recess
11 Congress Fast & Furious Investigation; “executive privilege” blocks document review
12. Arizona Alien Law; Justice Dept. sues to stop Arizona enforcing federal law
13. Arizona action upheld by Supreme Court, ICE ordered to ignore Arizona alien arrests
14. State Efforts to Stop Election Fraud; Justice Dept. sues to stop voter I.D. requirement
15. Oil & Gas “Fracking”; EPA blocks with assumed authority & imagined pollution
16. Keystone Pipe Line Approved; EPA blocks it requiring more “study”

Above Excerpts from WSJ, ”Obama’s Imperial Presidency”, July 6, 2012, Kimberley Strassel

Since then, other “Dictatorial” actions of Obama and his Administration
– Obama, ordered that the lawfully required efforts towards finding a job before receiving welfare benefits, as specified in the 1996 Welfare Reform Law, are no longer necessary.
– Obama declares illegal alien children brought to US by parents not subject to deportation – thereby decreeing his own “dream act” that was rejected by Congress
– Federal Judge declares Obama’s NLRB appointments illegal but NLRB ignores court ruling
– Obama suspends “Obamacare’s” business requirement to insure employees by Jan 1, 2014
– Obama ignores key Congressional requests for key witness testimony and relevant documents hindering Benghazi cover-up investigation
– Obama’s EPA ignores Congress & decrees impossible restrictions on coal fired power plants
– Obama ignored Congressional approval for military action in Lybia. A no-no in 2008 speeches.
– More illegal changes to Obamacare waiving Congress and Staff from participating