September 11, 2012 | Josh Petray

PASO ROBLES – Looking to register to vote Republican? How about free buttons, bumper stickers and Mitt Romney campaign materials?

The headquarters for the Paso Robles Republican Women Federated is now open at 521 Spring St.

REPUBLICAN HEADQUARTERS – Paso Robles Republican Women Federated members stand in front of their headquarters at 521 Spring St. From left, Gloria Smith, Sammy Nemeth, President Elizabeth Van Note, Shirley Butler, Mary Schwartz and Virge Perelli-Minetti. Courtesy photo.

The headquarters will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day through the November election.

According to Republican Women Federated member Elizabeth Van Note, the primary function of the headquarters so far has been assisting voters in registering or re-registering. In addition, the office carries a variety of Republican election goods, along with the assistance of volunteers who man the office each day.

According to organizers, the office has already seen many voters either re-register Republican or register for the first time. Campaign materials for Romney are expected this week, according to Van Note.

“We’ve had several re-registerations from other parties to Republican,” Van Note said.