Impeachment Neither Patriotic Nor Necessary

            Mr. Fulks would have us believe that Congressman Carbajal’s public support for impeachment of President Trump is a patriotic act worthy of special commendation. Fulks admits that Carbajal is in a reasonably safe district for a liberal/Progressive Democrat and pandering to the far Left element of his base is ok. I disagree: a truly courageous act, a patriotic act would to be stand-up and be counted as against impeachment as no constitutional grounds exist for that drastic measure of removing this president from office.

Many assertions were made by Fulks against the president, described as “the most dishonest, corrupt president in American history.” Fulks also refers to the president as “lawless” without enumerating any validated impeachable offenses or departures from the law.

For two years the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigated President Trump, his associates and campaign via a Special Counsel. Over two million documents were subpoenaed and received, 500 witnesses interviewed under oath, including the president’s personal attorney. Not one document was denied, not one witness refused to testify under oath nor did the president at any time invoke “Executive Privilege.” At the end, the great “collusion conspiracy with the Russians” was like eating a “Twinkie” without the filling: there was nothing there.

When Special Prosecutor Mueller testified under oath to Congress, he admitted that the president never denied him anything he asked for and no, according to the DOJ, there was no evidence of Trump, his campaign or any American citizen conspiring with the Russian government to sabotage the 2016 election. Even President Obama, before he left office, stated there was no interference with the federal election and not even one vote was changed by the meager Russian attempt to influence the 2016 election. Intelligence officials have confirmed that the Russians always attempt to influence elections around the globe but with dismal results in America.

That should have ended it and Congress should have moved on to the business of the people, which sits idle as both the bills and urgent issues pile up. Instead the Democrats, of which Congressman Carbajal and Mr. Fulks associate, refuse to accept the Mueller report’s findings and imply “There must be something there!”

The presumption of innocence is the bedrock of American jurisprudence yet Democrats insist that since the special counsel didn’t proclaim Trump innocent he must be guilty (of something). Mueller and the Attorney General decided not to proceed as no underlying crime of conspiracy existed; it would require the Justice Department to prosecute the President for obstruction of an investigation of a non-existent crime and such a prosecution would appear to be politically motivated. Furthermore, since Mueller testified to Congress that the president provided him everything he asked for it would be difficult to prove criminal intent to obstruct Mueller’s investigation.

Fulks describes the president as “lawless,” yet Trump has steadfastly adhered to the rule of law when federal courts blocked specific Executive Orders or Executive Branch policy/regulatory changes. Not once has Trump refused to submit to a federal court order so how is he “lawless” other than thru the mental wanderings of delusional Trump hatred?

Fulks implies that Trump would not adhere to the electoral process if he lost re-election in 2020, based upon what? There is no reason to believe that Trump or any Republican would refuse to adhere to an election decision that went against him in 2020; conservatives revere the Constitution and would not support any act of overt subversion of the constitutional electoral process. I’m not so sure about Progressives who often disparage the Constitution if the situation was reversed.

Fulks refers to the mass-immigration crisis on our southern border as somehow being Trump’s fault even as federal law enforcement officers (“immigration jackboots” according to Fulks) enforce the laws established by Congress, laws passed when Democrats were in the majority. Democrats have sabotaged every effort by federal agencies or by Trump to bring this under control, first denying there’s a problem, then denying necessary resources needed by federal officers.

Fulks and much of the national press refer to Trump as a racist, a white supremacist and anti-Semitic. (Transcripts prove the press censored half of Trump’s remarks regarding the Charlotteville riots where he specifically condemned the Nazis and KKK types and left in only the part where he defended the non-violent third group present, locals wanting to preserve their heritage.) Trump’s daughter is Jewish, Israelis love Trump as do their leaders and Martin Luther King’s niece has publicly repudiated press charges Trump is racist. But of course, none of that would fit the Progressive narrative that Trump and his supporters are racist, anti-Semitic white supremacists. After all, conservatives may have their facts, but (According to former Vice-President Joe Biden) Progressives “have their truth.”


Al Fonzi



I am a former Chairman of the SLOCo Republican Party and currently sit on that body as a representative of the 5thSupervisorial District.