Dear Friends,

This weekend our nation celebrated 244 years of liberty, and justice for all. There were some sweet conversations and celebrations but also a lot of frustration and even anger across our state.

Our one-man rule has seen guidelines yo-yo from one day to the next, and currently, 23 out of 58 counties are seeing another 3-week closure of restaurants and bars.

Instead of supporting the celebration of our freedom this weekend, Gov. Newsom closed our beaches and sent out strike teams of different government agencies tasked with finding and ticketing any businesses who defied his “guidelines.”

From beauty parlors to bars, 483,000 businesses were contacted and thankfully, only 52 were issued citations.

Is this what leadership looks like? Holding $2.5 billion of state aid hostage and sending in strike teams to punish the bars and barbershops you haven’t forced to close?

With less than 90 days until voters receive their mail-in ballots, I am working hard to champion small businesses and call out our state’s lack of leadership and vision wherever I see it.

The only bright spot of news? Due to COVID concerns, the Assembly will not re-open for a few more weeks. Your wallets are safe, if only temporarily.

Always for freedom,
VIcki Nohrden


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