Endorsed candidate and information for the June ballot

RPSLO Endorsed Candidates for June Primary

  1. House of Representatives – Justin Fareed

  2. State Attorney General – Judge Steven Bailey

  3. State Assemblyman – Re-elect Jordan Cunningham

  4. County Assessor – Re-elect Tom Bordonaro

  5. County Sheriff – Re-elect Ian Parkinson

  6. County District Attorney – Re-elect Dan Dow

  7. 4th District Supervisor – Re-elect Lynn Compton


NO Proposition 68 California Parks, Environment, and Water Bond
*see CCTA ballot argument below

NO Proposition 69 Transportation Taxes and Fees Lockbox and Appropriations Limit Exemption Amendment

NO Proposition 70 Vote Requirement to Use Cap and Trade Funds Amendment

YES Proposition 71 Effective Date of Ballot Measures Amendment

YES Proposition 72 Rainwater Capture Systems Excluded from Property Tax Assessment

For more information about the pro and con arguments re the above Ballot Measures, check the Official Voter Information Guide mailed to you by the Secretary of State.

For an additional copy of the Official Voter Information Guide, contact the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder at 805-781-5228.
Don’t be fooled by Proposition 68. The proposition promises to protect and improve California’s parks. The truth is it doesn’t.

First, of the $4 billion dollar bond, only $1.3 billion is actually dedicated to improving parks. A lot of the remaining money is given to politicians to spend on their pet projects.

Second, the money is not distributed fairly and equally across the state. Many of our residents in inland and rural California will not see any Prop. 68 park bond money spent to fix and improve their local state parks. This is wrong.

Every Californian should have their local park improved, not just the few who live near parks of powerful politicians.

Third, estimates are that state parks require $1.2 billion dollars for deferred maintenance. Yet, Prop. 68 allocates only a small amount of money for this essential task.

Finally, the Department of Parks and Recreation can’t be trusted with the money. In 2012, the department threatened to close 70 parks, saying it didn’t have the money to keep them open. This was false. An audit discovered the department did have the money, but was hiding it from the public. Until the department is reformed, we can’t trust it to spend the money wisely and fairly.

We need to protect and improve our state parks, but Prop. 68 is the wrong way to do that. Vote No and make the State Legislature really fix the parks for all Californians.


Central Coast Taxpayers Association

JON COUPAL, President

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

For California Judges, here is a Voter Guide from Conservative Craig Huey for each county.