Election Guide

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The most important aspect of voting is to complete your vote!

To be confident that your ballot was received and thus will be counted can be assured by following these easy steps:

1. Refer to our slate found on the Welcome page at www.rpsloc.org. There you will find a list of our endorsed candidates.

2. Hand delivery, as opposed to dropping it into the mail, can be easily accomplished by one of these actions.

2.a. Deliver to one of our Republican Offices 7357 El Camino Real, Atascadero or 1312 E. Grand Avenue, Arroyo Grande.

2.b. Deliver to one of two Clerk Recorder’s Offices at 6565 Capistrano Avenue (805)461-6041, Atascadero or Clerk-Recorder San Luis Obispo Office, Monday – Friday 8-5. 1055 Monterey Street Suite D120 San Luis Obispo, CA 93408 . Tel: (805) 781-5080.

2.c. On Election Day Tuesday November 8th 8am – 8pm at you local precinct Polling Place (find it by clicking here). This method has a BONUS. When to vote at the polls on election day the BEST process is to REPLACE your vote by mail ballots with a NEW ballot. The BONUS is your VOTE WILL BE IN THE FIRST COUNT of this election.

2.d. You alway can hand your ballot over to a family member or friend to deliver your ballot to one of the above if you cannot. On the envelope is a chain of custody you fill out.

2.e. If you MUST mail it in after considering the above options that is your choice.





Who are our Endorsed Candidates?