DEMOCRATS               VS               REPUBLICANS

Fund entitlement expenses with increased taxes

VS             Limit welfare only to the truly needy and balance the budget

Increased taxes are necessary to control US industrial wealth

VS             Reduced personal and business taxes spur wealth growth for all

Job creation unhindered by taxes or regulations

VS             Increased taxes and regulations stifle business growth

Reduce deficit by increasing government stimulus spending

VS              Reduce government deficit by reducing government spending

More unemployment checks help create more jobs

VS             Limiting unemployment benefits increases those returning to work

Restricting carbon based energy supports renewable energy

VS             Fossil fuel energy primarily needed to support economic growth

Government can provide better-cheaper health care

VS             Deregulated private sector provides cheaper-better health care

Tort reform is unnecessary to limit health care costs

VS             25% of health care cost can be cut with Trial Lawyer tort reform

Bail out banks & businesses that contribute to party

VS              Cease Too-Big-To-Fail bail out policy as unfair to free enterprise

Reduce defense spending & increase social welfare spending

VS             Maintain strongest military to maintain peace & free global enterprise

The American Dream is freedom from worry and concern

VS             The American Dream is not a handout

More government control is good and keeps you safe

VS             More unchecked and un-Constitutional government control is tyranny

50% of workers not paying Fed income tax is good policy

VS             50% of work force not paying Fed income tax is vote buying & unfair

1/2o rise in 25 years is man’s fault in spite none in last 15 years

VS              Ice ages & warming periods are natural and due to solar output not CO2

OK to use corn for fuel but not OK to drill for a fossil fuel

VS             Ethanol from corn 1/3 less powerful than fossil fuel and more costly

Teachers Unions primary interest is quality education for all

VS             Cease Teacher Union barrier to charter schools and school vouchers

Tea Party are extremists – Occupy Wall Street is OK free speech

VS             Tea Partiers only advocate strict adherence to USA Constitution

Election fraud is of no concern so voter ID unnecessary

VS              Voter ID necessary to assure fraud free elections

Making firearms illegal stops criminals from using them

VS              Lawful citizen ownership of firearms is a Constitutional right

Racist past can be overcome by affirmative action policies

VS              Affirmative action creates more racism and stigmatizes those given it.

Dictator ousting in 2003 was criminal but in 2011 it was noble

VS             Use military to support USA interest

Murderer’s life on death row is sacred but unborn baby’s isn’t

VS             Cease late term abortion on mother’s whim


OK for IRS bureaucrats to deny & harass political opposition

VS               Is it not criminal to use “Banana Republic” gov’t tactics in America?

EPA, ATF, Justice, NLRB, NSA, HHS actions OK

VS               Rampant government illegal actions are not “Phony Scandals”