America is an idea.  The world has been changed by the ideas that Americans have forged through loss of life, blood, and great personal sacrifice.  We must acknowledge that all ideas are worth examination and if worthy testing.  True advancements in social good come from working together to find the best way to do something and then repeating that process. Democrats are not interested in this method. They continually claim their new and improved ways are somehow better.  However, they are using the same failed ideas, unless you think methods that concentrate totalitarian power among a few and relegate the rest of society to pleading for permission to perform basic life sustaining acts are progressive ideas.  This old way of thinking is the way the world has worked for centuries. America changed this and removed tyranny from our system and showed the world how to live in harmony under a banner of freedom and prosperity.  Why would we every go back to a system that rewards tyranny?  I can tell you why.  Because it is good for the tyrant.  So when you hear, “America is an Idea”, you know that the Democrats have No Idea.