Is it really only 9 months to go before we see the end of the Obama presidency? To some of us, it’s a psychologically longer span of time than it is for a kid counting the days to Christmas.

Once again this president has mastered the art of appearing callous and obtuse as hundreds are massacred from Belgium to Pakistan in the name of “the religion of peace.” The barbarians amongst us claimed not only responsibility, but gleefully announced they deliberately chose children as their targets on Easter at a children’s playground. They promised even more atrocities to come. Meanwhile, our president once again apologizes for America to Cuban dictators who jailed an extra 1400 dissidents in preparation for Obama’s visit. Obama then lectured the press for doing their job asking him hard questions, while ignoring the slaughter of innocents in Belgium and Pakistan. He danced the Tango before a world audience creating unforgettable imagery but no matter, most will forget, listening in rapture as the president once again declared the greatest threat to America is climate change, occurring a hundred years or so from now.

He says this as Russia engages in strategic rearmament, replacing their giant SS-18 “Satan” intercontinental ballistic missiles with an even deadlier version, each carrying at least 5 tons of nuclear warheads, capable of striking the USA from a low south-polar orbit. That’s significant because our ballistic missile radar and defense systems are oriented towards attacks over the north polar axis or from an east-west axis; from the south we are defenseless and the administration has no proposals to remedy our increasing vulnerability to a surprise nuclear attack on America. Not to be outdone, Iran has also recently tested ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads from an identical south-polar axis of attack.

China has reorganized its military, making it more efficient, modern and deploying hundreds of medium and long-range road-mobile ballistic missiles. Many are sheltered in 1800 miles of tunnels, easily deployable upon alert. China’s initiatives are rendering obsolete our Navy by deploying missile systems that deny U.S. warships access to the Western Pacific, Sea of Japan and the South China Sea. None of our carrier-borne aircraft, cruise missiles and land-based systems have sufficient stand-off range to approach the heavily-fortified Chinese coast in the event of a crisis without incurring mortal risk. China’s missile systems are deadly to our forces out to 1200 miles or more whereas our conventional weapons are incapable of reaching China’s military due to their limited range. Not since the Doolittle Raid against Japan in 1942 have U.S. forces been asked to incur such near-suicidal risks to accomplish their mission.

The Intermediate range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF) between Russia and the U.S., signed in the 1980’s, was designed to counter Soviet deployment of medium range nuclear missiles in the Cold War. Both sides stood down, dismantling medium range missiles on a “hair trigger” in Europe and prohibiting both sides from developing or deploying medium range missiles. China is not a signatory to the INF Treaty nor obligated in any way to observe INF restrictions on missile research or deployment of medium range weapons. It’s taking full advantage of our self-imposed handcuffs. Meanwhile, China bullies its neighbors and has deployed military occupation forces to at least 10 islands claimed by surrounding nations, in clear violation international law or the Law of Sea Treaty. China routinely harasses commercial vessels of its neighbors and challenges the U.S. Navy on occasion in an attempt to deny us freedom of the seas in international waters.

In election years we’re often promised the moon by candidates who know full-well the bank account is nearly empty and the credit cards maxed out. The American military is continuously attacked as bloated even though it has been reduced by 75% since the end of the Cold War in 1992. The U.S. Navy is now similar in size to our post WWI Navy with potential threat forces gaining regional numerical and qualitative superiority; China for instance will have a 2 to 1 advantage in modern submarines by 2020 over the U.S. Navy. It’s supported by modernized land-based air forces providing regional air superiority and ballistic missiles designed to obliterate our six forward Asian bases West of Hawaii during the opening stages of conflict.

Ignoring the evidence Obama continues to insist the real threat is climate change and the Islamic State in Syria/Iraq (ISIS) is incapable of posing an existential threat to America. ISIS has repeatedly used chemical weapons against civilians and openly seeks biological/nuclear weapons. They’ve infiltrated at least 1500 fighters into Europe with the refugee exodus and are actively recruiting Islamic terrorists in America. What will it take before this president and his gang of sycophants acknowledge they’re underestimating the threat to America?

Al Fonzi, Atascadero News article 1 April 2016