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Welcome To RPSLO

Welcome to the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County’s official website. Here, you will find all the most up to date information about your locally elected Republican Central Committee, local Republican organizations, your Republican elected officials, candidates, local activists, and conservative political activism.

We actively campaign at every level of government, supporting conservative candidates for every office from community service districts representative to President of the United States of America.

Check back regularly to keep up to date with everything going on with the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County. Sign up today for email updates or to volunteer with the party.

SLO County Republicans are standing against hate. We always have.

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Keeping California Safe Virtual Townhall • Vicki Nohrden

Watch the replay with Vicki Norhden and Chief of Police Ron Lawrence.   Child Trafficking isn't a violent crime in California. Seriously. Proposition 20 on the November 2020 Ballot fixes this--and more.  Read the Proposition 20 Fact Sheet by clicking here.  ...

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Less law, less enforcement, more disaster

Dear Friends, Did you know that trafficking a child is considered a "non-violent" felony? A few years ago, voters passed Propositions 47 and 57 to declassify several types of crime to "non-violent" or "non-serious" crimes. That meant that writing bad checks,...

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Stop the Largest Tax Hike in California History

Authored by Andy Caldwell Back in 1978, I was struck by a series of ads on television featuring an old widow.  She and her husband, before his passing, had managed to pay off their home and now she was living on a meager pension and social security.  However, she was...

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More strike teams, less independence…

Dear Friends, This weekend our nation celebrated 244 years of liberty, and justice for all. There were some sweet conversations and celebrations but also a lot of frustration and even anger across our state. Our one-man rule has seen guidelines yo-yo from one day to...

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